A little bit about the owner and the company.

Josh Field, Owner
Our Proud History

In the 1950’s, Frank Raymond Field, my Grandfather started what was to be one of the first modernized new home construction companies in the area. What quickly became a well liked and admired company was expanded by my father, Frank Craig Field in the 80’s and 90’s, adding the turn key concept to new home construction and delivering this to the Tri-state area. In 2001 we diversified by adding a Landscaping and property maintenance division to the family business. Since its inception we have moved from helping a few customers with small tasks in the yard to being the preferred choice by clients to work on some of the most high profile Commercial projects and residential estates in our area. My favorite experience of being in business to this day is shaking hands with a new customer who recognizes the Field name and tells me that my Grandfather or my Father had done work for them in the past.

The 3 reasons for 3 generations

  1. Caring deeply about what I am leaving people with when we finish a project. I am not happy unless I truly feel as though I helped the customer.
  2. I have a hard working heritage and enjoy outworking other companies around us. I have always felt that a tough steady work pace makes everyone involved feel better about a job. This pace also enables our commercial clients to meet aggressive deadlines and turn over projects in an impressive manner to their perspective Industry leaders.
  3. As important as business is, family comes first. I am one of 7 siblings and a husband and father of 4. This is what defines me both on and off of the job.

Thank you for viewing my website. Please take a few moments to enjoy its content. Maybe we will see you on the Job!

Josh Field, President
Josh Field Landscaping
A division of Cedar Valley Contracting Inc.